2018 Contest Season Ends – Research Continues

The first season back in grade two for many years has now come to an end with the band struggling to break into the prize list at the major competitions.
The players will be disappointed with the results despite putting in some creditable performances, but know the only solution is more hard work over the winter months.
Changes will be made to the tunes which were played in 2018 and a number of new players have joined the band, so it is hoped better results are not too far off.

Research into the early days of the band continues and old photographs and information from over 100 years ago are still occasionally coming to light. An upsurge of interest in genealogy and the relative ease of researching family history on sites such as Ancestry have helped greatly is putting people with similar interests in touch with each other.
It is impossible to say how much information and how many photographs are waiting to be discovered, but the band is always delighted to hear from the families of former members who are willing to share their knowledge of bygone days.

Linlithgow Marches

Here is one example shared by the family of PM T D McLuckie, which shows the pipe major listening to a brass band at the Linlithgow Marches. Pipe Major McLuckie died in January 1914, so the photo is from 1913 or earlier.


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